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      Yuxing Animal Husbandry congratulates the Shunchang Deqingyuan Golden Rooster Project on its successful operation, and strives to lead the struggle in poverty alleviation. I wish the breeding and poverty alleviation cause a smooth sailing!

      Deqingyuan has been supplying eggs to Hong Kong. The supply of eggs has been 11 years. After more than 400 sealights, the customs clearance rate is as high as 100%.

      The project with Yuxing Animal Husbandry is the Golden Rooster Project.

      Golden Rooster Project Show

      鳥瞰Changde Qingyuan Golden Rooster Project Aerial View

      Yuxing animal husbandry transport vehicle, for the Golden Rooster project area, transporting chicks

      The leaders of the poverty alleviation front line also came to the scene to help everyone together. They are really good leaders and really help everyone.

      The hand-picked chicks were taken from the Zhaoxing animal husbandry transporter and carefully conveyed to everyone. From the warm smile on the face, we can see that everyone is very happy.

      The chickens carefully took the chicks out of the transport box and carefully cared for the chicks, because chicks, laying hens and broilers were very fragile.

      The chicks are very energetic in the cage and can't wait to eat the feed.
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