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      The laying hen breeding equipment of Zhaoxing Animal Husbandry includes cage system, drinking water system, feeding system, decontamination system and intelligent training quail egg system.

      Cage system

      All meshes are coated with 10% aluminum and zinc alloy coatings. The distance between the two layers is up to 700mm, which improves ventilation and lighting, and avoids chicken droppings. The front net increases the line density, making the cage stronger, the slope of the bottom net 7.5 degrees, and the addition of two slow-force shock lines to help the eggs fall safely. The stand beam is 40mm*30mm*2mm, which is more durable and more reliable. The base is press-formed with a 100 mm diameter steel plate. The overall cage is sturdy and durable.

      Drinking water system

      Double filter at all ends to ensure the quality of drinking water. The double inlet pipe is used, and the water source passes through the pressure regulator, and all the way directly enters the drinking fountain, and the double drain pipe and the nipple are installed to ensure the drinking water of the chicken. The water volume is accurate, and the tail end is equipped with a water-line sewage special pipe, which can directly discharge the water pipe to the chicken house without flowing into the manure ditch.

      Feeding system

      Driving feeding, refining device, returning device, chain feeding

      Ventilation cooling system

      Intelligent adjustment according to the environment of the house

      Intelligent training and quail egg system

      Cleaning, drying, weighing, grading, automatic placement
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