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      Cage system - type H
      Cage system - type H · 詳細介紹
      1. All meshes are made of alloy coating materials imported from Japan and covered with 10% aluminum and zinc. The cut surface of the alloy wire is gray, the welding interface is black, and it will turn white after 3-6 months. In fact, "white" is an oxide film formed by chemical reaction with air, which can block iron and oxygen ions, thereby achieving anti-rust effect. The cage net can be used for more than 20 years.

      2, the alloy bottom net is flexible, smooth, unlike hot-dip galvanized net, no need to polish burrs, reducing the egg breaking rate and chicken skin damage, especially the feet.

      3, after the addition of a silk thread on the Internet, in case the other side of the chicken confrontation. Similarly, the front net adds linear density to make the cage stronger.

      4, the two layers of up to 700mm spacing, increased ventilation and lighting, to avoid chicken droppings.

      5, the slope of the hen bottom net 7.5 °, the addition of two strong shock absorbing lines, help the eggs safely landing.

      6, the stand beam is 40mm * 30mm * 2mm, more durable and more reliable.

      7, up to 10 layers, high-density farming system, centralized management, to ensure farmers save land, energy and labor, improve egg feed rate and egg production rate.
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