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      I. Site selection of broiler farms

      1. The broiler farm should be selected in a place with high dryness and leeward sun, south or south to east. Summer is good for ventilation and winter is good for keeping warm.

      2. The site should be outside the village. It should be no less than 500 meters away from residential areas and other poultry houses. There are no large-scale chemical, plant and mine pollution sources within 300 meters, low-lying land, and no sewage plant.

      3. Water and electricity supply is sufficient and transportation is convenient.

      4. There is a certain slope to facilitate the discharge of sewage, rain and so on.

      2. Broiler farming methods

      There are currently three feeding methods;

      1. Flat raising; simple and easy to invest, but labor intensity, feeding waste, low utilization rate of housing area, serious environmental pollution, prone to bacterial diseases and coccidiosis.

      2. Net raising; feeding on the Internet, chickens and feces are not in contact, and it is not easy to cause intestinal contamination and coccidiosis, and overcome the shortcomings of serious pollution in the flat environment. It is currently a good breeding method, but the investment is high and the feeding area is small.

      3. Cage raising; high utilization rate, high utilization rate of feeding area, reduced labor intensity and high productivity. Reduce the contact between chicken and feces, intestinal bacterial diseases and coccidiosis are not easy to occur. However, it is prone to damage and high investment. Ventilation is difficult to master.

      3. Scientific management of broiler farms

      Key elements for successful feeding

      Excellent variety, excellent feed and clean drinking water, strict bio-safety system, comfortable chicken house environment.

      IV. Daily management of broiler culture

      1.7 days of age is important to reach more than 4 times the birth weight

      2.8-26 days of age control growth rate is very critical

      3. Ventilation

      4. Suitable air humidity (50-70%)

      5. Reasonable density is conducive to growth and development

      6. Control of lighting time
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