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      1. What are the conflicts between chicken equipment and animal welfare at the current stage?

      1. Limitations of the column equipment

      At present, large-scale chicken farms in China generally use the feeding mode of foreign limit bars, and the column equipment has a great effect in improving the utilization ratio per unit area, but with the widespread use of the limit bar feeding mode, its drawbacks are also increasingly Prominently, due to the limitations of space and the lack of exercise, hoof disease is becoming more and more serious: in this environment, hens will gradually produce many abnormal behaviors that affect production performance. With the concern about animal welfare, the limit bar feeding model is increasingly accused by animal welfare followers, and the EU will gradually eliminate the feeding model as a green trade barrier.

      2, environmental control: make "life" more comfortable

      The environmental quality of livestock houses is an important factor in determining the healthy growth of animals. In modern large-scale farms, the high-density feeding mode makes the environmental control problem more prominent, and the creation of a comfortable environment suitable for animal growth has become a successful management of livestock and poultry. prerequisites.

      Second, the future development direction of chicken equipment

      The development of chicken equipment in China is a great potential market. In order to make China's chicken industry develop better and faster, we need to conduct comprehensive analysis and research on chicken production equipment, and actively learn and innovate. Produce high quality chicken bar equipment suitable for Chinese chicken companies. In view of the current situation of China's chicken industry, we should make full use of regional advantages, adhere to local conditions, rationally use chicken equipment, comprehensively plan and design modern chicken farms, let modern chicken equipment fully play its role, and strive to improve the economic and social benefits of chicken farms. Promote the development of the Chinese chicken industry.

      In summary, chickens can improve immunity and prevent the occurrence of lesions only in a good environment, thereby increasing the ratio of meat to eggs and increasing economic benefits. In our traditional way, we measure the chicken houses. The environment, the data is not accurate, so it is impossible to give the chickens a good environment to grow, which directly leads to the decline of economic benefits.
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