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      Because there are so many kinds of chicken equipment, we will introduce each chicken equipment to our friends one by one so that friends can buy them.

      Today we are introducing the automatic feeder in the chicken equipment;

      (1) Components

      The machine consists of a rack, a traveling power output system, a walking system, a powering system, a material amount adjustment system, and a power distribution system.

      (2) Rack

         The frame is welded by high-quality steel rectangular steel. The frame is designed by engineers with many years of structural design experience. The structure is reasonable, with large bearing capacity and no deformation.

      (3) Walking power system:

         The traveling power system is driven by a vertical motor with an advanced cycloid reducer. The drive is driven without loss. The failure rate is low, the service life is long, and the operation is stable, the noise is small, the influence of noise on the chicken is reduced, and the egg production rate is improved.

      (4) Walking system:

         The transmission mechanism of the walking system adopts chain. sprocket transmission, the walking wheel is made of high quality cast iron, and has good anti-vibration effect and corrosion resistance. The guide rail is laid with rectangular square profiles to make the walking stable, increase the contact area, prevent slipping and save electric energy. .. keep walking about 12 meters per minute.

      (5) Unloading power system:

         The machine feeding system adopts the reduction and variable speed motor as the power, and performs arbitrary adjustment of 15~75r/min. The adjustment sensitivity is high and the bearing capacity is strong, the noise is low, the service life is long, the operation is simple, and the force is stable. The appearance is beautiful, the structure is small, etc. advantage.

      (6) Feed volume adjustment system:

         The feeding wheel is a plastic part pressed by a special mold to prevent foreign objects from damaging other parts after being dropped. Adjusting the lowering wheel can keep the feeding amount of each cutting device consistent. The purpose of uniform feeding is achieved. The speed of the variable speed motor makes the adjustment range of the feeding amount vary from 1.25Kg to 5.85Kg/12m per minute. (There can also be redesigned to meet the needs of different customers according to the needs of customers)

      (7) Power distribution system

      The power distribution system is designed by the national standard electrical appliance and professional electrical engineer. After the start, the feeder stops automatically after walking to the tail. It saves manpower and is easy to manage. It can also design various electrical control systems according to the needs of users.

      (8) Lifting system

      The lifting system consists of a flat conveyor and a vertical conveyor. The vertical conveyor transports the feed from the ground to the flat conveyor, and the feed is evenly distributed by the flat conveyor to each hopper on the feeder. The hopper of the feeder is all After being filled, the photoelectric switch receives the signal to disconnect the control loop of the motor, and ends the work of conveying the feed. It reduces the work intensity, reduces the waste of working hours, and fully improves the work efficiency.

      The automatic feeder is a kind of chicken equipment, but it is divided into a gantry type automatic feeder and a step walking automatic feeder.

      (1) Features of the gantry type automatic feeder:

      1. The guide rail is laid with rectangular 3 square profiles, which increases the contact area, prevents slipping, makes the walking stable, and saves energy;

      2. Save manpower and facilitate management;

      3. Direct push, safe, convenient, energy-saving, no noise, small chicken response;

      4. The feeding machine can automatically turn, advance, retreat and walk freely, and can walk freely in the chicken house;

      5. Less feed waste, uniform chat, and the amount of feed can be adjusted according to the running speed of the feeding car.

      (2) Characteristics of the step walking type automatic feeding machine

      1. The mechanical transmission device runs smoothly, has low noise and long service life;

      2. The loading and powdering processes are all automatically controlled to prevent waste of feed;

      3. The material of the skipping cross-beam is arched, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and small deformation under pressure;

      4. It has the characteristics of saving labor and saving feed, and adding feed evenly, which greatly improves the benefits of large-scale farming;

      5. Adopt imported electronic thyristor broadcast material, the amount of material can be controlled in each layer, the material is evenly distributed, and the operation is stable.

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