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      The most important thing to pay attention to in closed culture is safety. Air flow should always be maintained in the house. The wind speed in winter is 1.1~1.5 m/s, and the summer wind speed is 2.5~2.7 m/s. Ensure that there is no power in the house, and you need to set a power outage, high temperature, low temperature alarm. Closed houses are required to be staffed on duty 24 hours a day, especially for thunder, wind and rain. A lightning protection system must be installed in the chicken farm.

      The chicken farm needs to set up a daily inspection form, which stipulates that the electromechanical management personnel should check the equipment on a daily and individual basis according to the requirements in the table, and do a good job in equipment maintenance and maintenance (especially pay attention to the electronic control and alarm system).

      When the outdoor temperature in winter is lower than 18 °C, the wet curtain is covered with colored strips/roller cloth, and the ventilation window is opened to allow the wind to enter from the ventilation window on the side wall of the chicken house; while keeping warm, pay attention to dust and air quality. . The ventilation window opens in winter and closes in summer.

      When the indoor temperature is not lower than 16 °C, the air volume (prolonging the start time of the ventilation fan) and the air intake volume (10 cm gap in the upper part of the wet curtain) can be increased to solve the insulation and air quality problems;

      The fan needs to be inspected regularly to clean the dust on the fan every week. Too much dust can cause chickens to suffer from rhinitis. See if the dust meets the standard from the chicken house: it is better to see the back end from the front end.

      Do a good job in closing the house: all doors and windows are closed, and the glass window needs to be insulated with 5 cm of color steel, especially the manure. It must be closed with bamboo glue board/thick rubber to avoid small formation at the back end. cycle.

      The front door of the chicken house is a double door, and the door and the door are staggered to avoid cold air entering the chicken house in winter, causing the chicken to catch a cold.

      The main job of the summer closed house is to cool down and keep the birds safe. In order to achieve the cooling effect, in addition to the proper design of the fan, the number of wet curtains and the humidity of the air, the most important thing is the closure of the chicken house; the safety of the chicken depends on the constant power of the house and the constant wind.

      In the summer, the wet curtain water supply is used to cool down, and the temperature in the house is higher than 28 °C to start water supply. The water supply time is the length of the house and the wind speed. The pause time is determined by the air humidity in the house (note: the water supply time should not be too long, avoiding the inside of the house) The humidity of the air is high, causing adverse reactions in the chicken).

      For more detailed equipment maintenance and use, please refer to the Yuxing Animal Products Product Manual!

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